Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hard Work If You Can et It

Thursday Newpaper Strip Day.

Here are the last of my run of Jack Sparling's Claire Voyant Sundays. Clearly he was not able to maintain the graphic excellence of the first years. To me Sparling is a clear example of how the common wisdom that 'every comic book artist wanted a newspaper strip' isn't true. Ever comic book artist wanted a successful newspaper strip, which made enough money to hire an assistant to do all the hard work. Sparling returned to comics and worked there for 15 happy years, only once more stepping out to do another newspaper strip.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Condensed Month

Wednesday Illustration Day.

Today's post comes under the heading 'quite interesting'. Although he did the newspaper strips Conny and Rusty Riley, he started as an illustrator and kept that part of his career up while doin gthe strips. In the forties he illustrated many stories for Liberty magazine, some of which I should show some day (probably when I am ready to sell my huge collection). In the early foties he also did stories in the Book of the Month Club illustrated story series. I have three installments in my archives, but there is a lot more. Each story ran for 30 episodes (a month). Alan Holtz assembled a list here: Among the artists working on these were Godwin, Montgommery Flagg, Creig Flessle, Harold Foster, Neil O'Keeffe and Jack Betts.

Modern Arf

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

My friend (and publisher of my book Behaving Madly) Craig Yoe has a particular fondness for comcis and strips about cartoonists and modern art. Whenever I ran across one, I send it to him. I don't even share them here every time. But here is one from one of my favorite silent strips ever, Louie. Nobody does a slow burn like Harry Hanan.

Keane As Keane Can Be

Monday Cartoon Day.

Some months ago I shared a couple of Philadelphia Record Fun Book sections, the sections that were wrapped around the oversized Spirit they ran. the response was not particulary well, very few people reacted, but I am nothing if not consustant. I have quite few more and plan to collect them here for everyone to see. I had not seen these books before last year and I am surprised noone has ever metnioned or cellected them.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Loving Electricity

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Another General Electric booklet where George Roussos seems to have used a penciller, at least for the first few pages. This is one of my own scans up at the Digital Comic Museum, by the way.

Vietnam More

Saturday Leftover Day.

There are too many of these single Green Barets pages by Joe Kubert flying around on the internet... because it's never enough to read a complete story!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Another Bighead

Friday Comic Book Day.

Last week I showed Chad Grothkopf's version of Alice in Wonderland, as published in the Famous Fiction newspaper strip series and as a comic book. What I didn't know, is that there also was a version of Alice's second adventure by Grothkopf, which only appeared in comic form. And it might even be better.