Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Big Silhouettes

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I got a new lot of early Big George Sundays by Virgil Partch. The first two years f this feature are gorgeous. Click the link for more (including one I did earlier and one I already have in two row form). Love his use of silhouettes as well.

Monday, June 26, 2017

You Never Walker 'Lone

Monday Cartoon Day.

After WWII Mort Walker went to Missouri University to study journalism. He wanted to be a cartoonist, but figured learning hiow to write wan't a waste of his time. While there, he quickly became the edito or the campus magazine, The Missouri Showme. Since I am interested in Mort Walker's career as a cartoonist, I tried to get my hands on copies of these magazines, but that proved hard. When I finally was able to buy a bunch, I was told that recently someone has put all of them up on a website. I can't even remember where, but I got all of the relevant magazines and took out all the pages, covers and articles related to Mort Walker. Which includes a couple of poems by Jean, his later wife. And to make things easy for you, I have gathered them all together here. Some my own scans and some clipped from that online source.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Ghost That Haunted Me

Sunday Meskin Measures.

For those of you keeping track. In this story from Black Magic #7 I believe George Roussos was involved in the inking. I am selling the rare British black and white reprint of this book at eNay right now, by the way. It not only has this story but also one of Jack Kirby's most eerie Black Magic contribution, The Thing in the Fog.