Monday, May 22, 2017

Like Shooting Fish Without Fish

Monday Cartoon Day.

I have shown work by Hank Barrow before, mainly the political cartoons he did as a staff member op Associated Press in the early forties (from my own scans, even). But the best thing he did by far must be Things To Come, his humorously drawn but quite seriously written look into the future. Few papers carried it and I in all of my collecting days I naver was able to get more than a few samples - and even then they were always on the bac of something else and not noted by the seller. If anyone knows of any collection of these anywhere, I'd love to know. Here is another one that turned up on the back of something.

And here are some more of his cartoons I had prepared earlier.

Follow the link for more!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

World Domination

Friday Comic Book Day.

More of the Daleks from the British TV 21 Magazine. Part of Dr. Who writer Terry Nation's efforts to turn is creation the Daleks into a solo series, but apparently not written by him. The first episodes can be found by following the link.

Friday, May 19, 2017

You'd Have To be!

Saturday Leftover Day.

I'm off to see the Jippes!

Later this week pictures. I even shot a film.

I have uploaded my impression of the exhibition to youtube. It is jawdroppingly packed with work form all of Daan's career.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Right Spirit

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Some more of John Spranger's excellent work on the late forties action strip Bodyguard. For the previous months follow the link.


Wednesday Advertising Day.

These days, most of the ads I scan are accidental, one here and one there while I am scanning other stuff.

The Our Gang ad is interesting because ir spawned a great comic book series by Walt Kelly.

The Pepsi Cops ad is just another one in a longer series, by several artists. this is an early one by the originator Rube Goldberg. If you are a Goldberg fan, I urge you to have a lok for my friend Paul Tumey's upcoming Goldberg book, which has his Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions (by Al Jaffee for Mad) forerunner: Folish Questions.

This one is from a longer series as well, but this time it is a later sample by Bill Williams - who is usually not considered when we come across ads in this style. The style itself was probably set by Dik Browne and Gill Fox imitating Haenigson's Penny. But apparently Bill williams could adapt to it as well.

I Have What I Have

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I have a huge selection of early Popeye Sundays by Bud Sagendorf and I have been showing them every once in a while. So, taken up from quite some time ago, here are some more from 1962 followed by some black and white smaller 'thirds' I picked up somewhere else. If you like them follow the link for more.